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Bounty program rules

The amount of distributing tokens for the "bounty" program

In our White paper we have declared that 2% of the total amount of issued tokens will be distributed by a "bounty" program. We have an Escrow agreement, and as stated in our documents, all funds will be returned, if during pre-ICO and ICO we do not reach our 1.5M$ target. Our total cap will be 65M tokens. There are several conditions, we will assume the volume for the bounty program the sum of 2% of the total cap. The sum for the bounty program equals 1 300 000 tokens. All bounty tokens will be distributed during the 2 weeks after a successful ICO.

Social media and referral program (35%)
XRED Foundation support in online discussions (10%)
Translations to other languages on Bitcointalk (15%)
For special support (40%)
About undistributed tokens